Important Notice on Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus

Dear all Overseas Students:

    According to relevant spirit and regulations of Zhenjiang Government and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology to prevent and control new coronavirusAll overseas students are required to do as follows

According to the notice by Jiangsu Provincial Education Dept and the epidemic situation, we delay the start date of the new semester to 24th Feb. All students are NOT ALLOWED to return in advance or without approval from SOE.

For those who have registered with travelling plans and are not currently on campus are suggested to delay the return date. A notice and approval obtained from SOE before return is a must. A 14-day observation upon return is compulsory.

    Stop unnecessary going out or receiving visits.

    Dont believe in rumors, spread rumors or panic.

    Report suspected sources of disease to School of Overseas Education(SOE).

    Take your passport and student ID card when in and out of the apartment or campus.

    Cooperate with the entrance guard to accept the inspection.

    To accommodate others is strictly prohibited.

    Dont come around different rooms and ensure personal contact with SOE.

    Avoid going to crowded places, especially airless areas.

    Dont go to fresh market and ensure healthy diet.

    Enhance immunity by necessary means.

    Wear masks when going out and reserve necessary daily medication.

    Frequently disinfect, wash hands and face with soap or hand sanitizer.

    Monitor individual body temperature. In case of fever or respiratory tract infection, report to counsellors and head teachers as soon as possible.

    Overseas students who leave university in winter vacation are not allowed to return in advance without permission. Prevent from nCoV by yourself and keep in touch with counsellors and head teachers.

    Follow relevant notices and cooperate with SOE, JUST and Chinese government.

    We will further strengthen vacation duty and apartment safety management.

    Health comes first, hope for the best


Contact Info:

East Campus: Mr. Tian 15805285671   South Campus: Mr.  She 18652850133

Emergent Contactor: Ms. Xu 13511694395 

           Mr. Zhao 15896380512


School of Overseas Education

January 29th2020