Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is Looking for Overseas Talents

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is Looking for Overseas Talents


  1. Employment Targets

  1. Foreign doctors working in post-doctoral workstation

  2. Foreigners with doctor's degree;

  3. Research work engaged is one of the following three disciplines: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering;

  4. Be able to undertake and complete the scientific research tasks assigned by the post-doctoral workstation;

  5. The age is generally under 40 years old.

  6. Foreign teachers undertaking teaching and research tasks

  7. With doctor's degree;

  8. Have the title of lecturer or above;

  9. Be able to undertake and complete the teaching and research tasks assigned by the school;

  10. The age is generally under 60 years old.


  1. Specific Disciplines Employed

    The disciplines, majors or directions of teaching and research work engaged by the applicant shall be as follows:

    Naval architecture and ocean engineering, mechanics, harbor, water channels and coastal engineering, ocean engineering and technology, mechanical engineering, industrial design, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, HVAC and artificial environment, control science and engineering, information and communication engineering, electrical engineering, material science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, management science and engineering, business administration, economics, computer science and technology, software engineering, cyberspace security, artificial intelligence, civil engineering, engineering management, architecture, animal husbandry science, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science and engineering, food science and engineering, mathematics, physics, and optical engineering.


  2. Employment Term

    The employment term is one year. There will be assessment once a year, and those who are excellent in assessment will be re-employed.


  3. Employment Benefits

    The general recruitment benefits are shown in the table below. The specific conditions may vary from person to person, and the contract remuneration management method is adopted.

    Remuneration of Foreign Teachers in 2020

Types of Foreign Teacher

Remuneration and   Benefits

Postdoctoral foreign teacher

1. RMB181500/year.

2. The salary of postdoctoral   foreign teacher in annual salary system is RMB180000/year (before tax), which   will be paid monthly.

3. Provide   comprehensive medical insurance for foreigners (RMB1500/year).

4. See Implementation   Measures for Postdoctoral Management of Jiangsu University of Science and   Technology (JKDX [2015] No. 71) for details.

Teaching and research type

1. RMB 251500/year.

2. The annual salary is   RMB250000/year (before tax), including RMB150000 of basic annual salary,   which is paid monthly on an average basis. The assessment award is RMB100000,   which will be paid in one time after passing the assessment.

3. Provide   comprehensive medical insurance for foreigners (RMB1500/year).



  1. Application Method

    The applicants shall send their resumes to the e-mail of International Office with the subject format: name + applied major + graduate school.

    Contact: Teacher Tian

    Contact Tel: 0511-84401011

    E-mail: justrecruitment@126.com